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7000-9000BPH Automatic Syrup Filling Machine

Production Capacity: 7000-9000BPH

Machine Structure: Rotary syrup filling machine

Filling Valve: Pneumatic plunger filling machine

Suitable Container: PET bottle with aluminum screw cap

Benefit of FESTA BZSCGF24-24-8 Syrup Filling Equipment

The syrup filler machine adopts microcomputer control system and touch screen operation, which is simple to operate and has a high degree of automation. The whole syrup filler machine is equipped with operation alarm and shutdown functions such as bottle shortage, stuck bottle, cap shortage, etc. It is also equipped with alarm shutdown functions such as motor failure, which can better protect equipment safety, reduce product scrap rate, and improve the stability of automatic operation.

automatic syrup filling machine 5



automatic syrup filling machine 2

automatic syrup filling machine 4

This equipment is specially designed for filling bottled syrup, honey, oil products and other liquids with a certain viscosity.

BZSCGF24-24-8 equipment is mainly used for rinsing, filling and capping glass or plastic bottles below 120 ml. The rinsing part adopts an automatic opening bottle clamp, which can better protect the bottle mouth and stabilize the bottle body. The filling adopts a pneumatic plunger filling valve (Note: Filling with a capacity of more than 250 ml is usually filled with a mechanical plunger. Valve installation) to ensure filling accuracy and better capacity adjustment. The capping adopts a three-rotating hob capping method to ensure tight and beautiful capping. The main working parts of the equipment can be height-adjusted. The star wheel and bottle guard components are easy to disassemble and install, and can be better compatible with a variety of bottle types (the capacity of the bottle type must meet the filling requirements of the equipment. Bottle types with different diameters need to be replaced. Corresponding star wheel and bottle protection components)

The electrical components and pneumatic components of the whole filling machine are all from well-known brands. High-quality electrical and pneumatic components are the main factors to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Data Sheet

Machine Model

BZSCGF 24-24-8

Machine Capacity


Air Consumption


Water Consumption

1.5 tons/hour (rinsing water)

Filling Valve

Pneumatic plunger type (capacity adjustable)

Quantity of Rinsing Heads


Quantity of Filling Vavles


Quantity of Capping Heads



380v 50Hz(customizable)

Main Motor Power



LWH: 2715X2210X2350mm



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