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Three Things You Need to Know About the PET Blow Molding Machine

Three Things You Need to Know About the PET Blow Molding Machine

PET bottles have long gone deep into every part of people’s lives, whether it’s food, beverages, cosmetics, or even the drugs we use, and you can see it. But how are these PET bottles with different shapes and functions produced? The answer lies in the rotary PET blow machine. This paper gives a detailed description of the production principle, application scene and production advantages of FESTA blow molding machine, in order to help you have a preliminary understanding and get some inspiration.

What is the PET stretch blow molding machine?

PET bottle blower is defined as a production machine used to make bottles of different shapes and sizes. How it works is not complicated: depending on the applied air pressure, the bottle blower blows air into the heated bottle preform and is shaped with a specific PET bottle mold wrapped around it.

pet blow molder

What is the overall production process of the bottle blowing machine?

  • The first step is to pre-heated. The PET bottle preform body was heated to a suitable molding temperature, and the inner and outer walls of the preform body were heated evenly. Because the mouth of the bottle is stereotyped, there is no need for heating. Therefore, the bottle mouth needs to be cooled during preform body heating.
  • The second step is to blow the bottle. The uniformly heated bottle preform is sent into the bottle blow mold through the chain, and the aseptic high pressure gas is blown into the bottle preform through the middle of the mandrel for circumferential stretching, so that it is inflated to close to the mold wall, and then cooled.
  • The third step is demoulding. After blowing the bottle, the machine begins to exhaust and demoulding.
  • Step four, transmit. The molded PET bottle is sent to the next bottle station through the conveyor belt, and it is pulled out and blown out by the lower cylinder. If it is in the FESTA blowing-filling-capping combiblock machine, it will be transmitted through the steel wave wheel to the next process.
preform heat tunnel
preform heat tunnel

Where can I use the bottle blower machine?

If you look around at the products that use PET bottles, you can see that PET bottles can hold not only liquids, but also semi-solids. The use of plastic blow molder is in the factories that produce these products, including:

  • The pharmaceutical industry.
  • The food industry.
  • Beverage industry.
  • Cosmetics industry.

Of course, packaging companies that provide PET plastic bottles for the above industries can also use PET bottle blow molder suitable for mass production.

What are the advantages of using FESTA sixth-generation PET bottle blowing machine?

Since the introduction of the first PET bottle blowing machine, people have been constantly improving the bottle blowing technology. As a leader in the liquid industry, FESTA R & D team continues to upgrade its products according to the requirements of different times, and has now launched the brand-new sixth-generation PET bottle blowing machine. The sixth generation PET bottle blowing machine, which brings together the painstaking efforts of R & D engineers and FESTA’s profound industry experience, has the following excellent performance:

  • Flexible. Today’s sixth-generation PET bottle blowing machine is no longer a backward machine that can only produce a single product. After improvement, today’s FESTA sixth-generation bottle blower can use different molds to produce different types of bottles, improving the flexibility and mobility of the production line.
  • High degree of trust. As a leader in China’s high-end liquid packaging industry after 30 years of precipitation, FESTA has been praised, but it has not stopped exploring better packaging solutions because of these honors. It is precisely because of this innovative spirit that FESTA has always been ranked on the innovation list of Jiangsu enterprises and has been recognized and trusted by all customers.
  • High Speed Production. FESTA has carefully designed a production increase plan based on the rapidly growing production demand of today’s producers, and the maximum productivity per hour has been greatly increased to 48,000BPH.
  • Stable Quality. Due to the unified mold and rotary bottle blowing system, PET bottle blowing machine can be produced on a large scale to maintain the unity and stability of product quality.

Choosing a reliable supplier of PET bottle blowing machine is the key to efficient production.

FESTA does not forget its original ideal and ambition, and insists on providing customers with PET bottle solutions with high output, energy saving, productive line and less waste. this sincere attitude has attracted countless high-quality customers’ cooperation, and even some customers have become our loyal fans and have carried out many project cooperation.With such a high reputation and strong strength, I believe we are your best partner!

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