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6000-8000BPH Bottle Washing Filling Capping Monoblock CGF 18 18 6


CGF18-18-6 Water Filling Monoblock

Production Capacity


Main Material

SUS304 stainless steel


SIEMENS or equivalent brand

Suitable Bottle

250ml to 2 litres

Details About 6000-8000BPH Bottle Washing Filling Capping Monoblock CGF 18 18 6

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    FESTA CGF18-18-6 bottle washing filling capping monoblock (3-in-1) produced by our company is a new product researched and developed on the basis of introducing and absorbing the advanced technology of similar products of European and combining our production experience over the past few years. This water filler integrates washing, filling and capping together. It is driven by a transmission motor. It has the advantages of high degree of automation, compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient and simple operation, safety and reliability, adjustable continuous production volume, etc. It is the ideal liquid filling equipment in China. It is mainly applicable to the filling and capping of round or square PET bottles. According to the user’s demand of different specifications, only slight changes are made in the design to meet the user’s demand.


    Suitable water bottle size range: 250—2000ml;
    Diameter of water bottle: 50mm–90mm;
    Height of water bottle:160mm-310mm;
    Suitable for: Mineral Bottle Water, Pure Bottle Water, Bottle Juice, Bottle Wine


    Features of Water Bottling Equipment
    1. All parts contact with water are made of food-grade stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food hygiene.

    1. PET bottles are transfered by air conveyor, and then sent to the next process by bottle conveyor after finishing filling and capping, the whole process is passed through the bottle mouth, it is easy to change the bottle sizes.
    2. Water filling machine is equipped with a safety door with to separate the filling area from the operator. The machine is equipped with a safety switch that automatically stops the machine once the safety door is opened.
    3. The washing grippers are made of new generation stainless steel, the grippers no contact with the area above the bottle mouth. Washing nozzle has many small holes to clean the whole area inside the bottle. The machine has two stages of cleaning to ensure the cleanliness of the bottles.
    4. Water filler machine adopts advanced gravity filling technology, which makes filling process fast, stable and accurate.
    5. Bottle capping adopts constant torque technology and it is easy to be adjusted.
    6. Adopt PLC system, and the monoblock has a touch screen HMI, all production parameters (output, energy consumption, etc.) can be displayed on the touch screen.


    Application of Water Filler Monoblock
    This water bottling equipment is mainly used for washing, filing, and capping normal liquid, such as mineral water, pure water, etc.


    3-in-1 Monoblock filling machine, Pure water filling machine functions:

    1) Washing system: Washing gripper, separating water plate, water trough
    2) Filling system: Liquid tank, filling valves, controlling rings
    3) Capping system: Screwing capper, cap elevator, cap sorter, falling cap guide

    CGF 18-18-6 Washing filling capping (3 in 1 ) unit main parameters

    MODEL CGF 18-18-6
    Production Capacity 6000-8000 bottles/h
    Washing Head Quantity 18
    Filling Valve Quantity 18
    Capping Head Quantity 6
    Filling Temperature Normal temperature
    Filling Type Constant Pressure Filling
    Main Motor Power 3KW
    Ordering-Cap Motor Power 0.09KW
    Cap Elevating Motor Power 0.34KW
    Washing Pump Power 0.37KW
    Liquid Inlet Pump Power 0.55KW
    Air Convey Motor 1.1KW
    Reflux Pump 0.37KW
    Consume Water 1.2T/h ( Un-including drink water)
    Control Type PLC
    Central Diameter of Filling Valve Dia720mm
    Central Diameter of Capping Machine Dia.240mm
    Central Diameter of Washing Machine Dia.720mm
    Dimension 2520 X 1970X2300mm
    Net Weight: 2500kg



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