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3000BPH(500ml) Pure Water Washing Filling Capping Monoblock


CGF8 8 3 bottle washing filling capping 3 in 1

Production capacity


Main material

Parts contact with water are made by SUS304


Omron PLC or equivalent brand



Details About 3000BPH(500ml) Pure Water Washing Filling Capping Monoblock


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    The operational process of filling machine is as below: bottles separated by bottle – in screw are transferred to the rinsing machine through star wheel when bottles enter the 3 in 1 filling machine. Bottle gripper is installed on the rotary disk of rinsing machine, which catches and pivots the bottle 180°along with the rail, and it makes the bottle mouth downwards. In designated area, specialized nozzle will spray the inner space of the bottle, whilst, rinsing the outer wall of the bottle. After washing and draining, bottle will be pivoted 180° along with the rail, with the bottle mouth upwards. Bottles washed will be transferred to filling units by star wheel. Bottles are held by the bottle – neck supporting board and ascended and descended in the function of the elevator mechanism of the cam. The gravity filling principle is adopted that the filling level is reached when the liquid reaches the vent tube. The filled bottle will descend and leave the filling unit, and be conveyed to the capping unit by transition star – wheel. Bottles under the capper are fixed by anti – rotation knife (bottle neck) so as to ensure the bottle is up – right and prevent bottle rotation. Capper in the capping machine keeps revolution while rotation at the same time, movements of cap seizing, cap covering, cap screwing and cap releasing are all done in the function of cam mechanism. Finished product will be transferred to bottle – out conveyor from the capping unit, and conveyed out of the 3 in 1 filling machine.

    The machine looks elegant and graceful with console mode windows.

    Main Characteristics

    Bottle – in Construction

    a) Synergistic construction of bottle – in screw and bottle – in star wheel.

    Rinsing Machine

    a) Rotary disc is made of stainless steel ANSI304.

    b) Rubber clip of the gripper locks the bottle neck, makes the bottle stable and reliable.

    c) Momentum of rinsing machine is provided by inner transmission system transmitted by gear.

    3)    Transition Star Wheel

    a) Star wheel is made of superior nylon material.

    Filling Machine

    a) Rotating panel is made of SS 304.

    b) Gravity filling principle.

    c) Filling valve is made of SS 316L.

    d) High precision, high speed filling valve, tolerance ≤±

    e) Ball tank is used, liquid level in the tank is controlled by floating ball.

    f) Momentum of the filling machine is acquired from inner transmission system through gear.

    Capping Machine

    1) Magnetic constant torque capping head, stable and reliable cap screwing effect, defective percentage is no more than 0.2%.

    2) Cap chute is equipped with a set of photoelectrical switches. When there is no caps on the chute, the machine will stop running automatically to avoid efficiently the appearance of bottle without cap.

    3) The capping machine has a detective switch of bottle entrance, together with the cap lock cylinder, form a interlock control system to control the discharge of the cap to stop the cap supply when there is no bottle so as to reduce the consumption of caps.

    Bottle – out Star Wheel

    a) Synergistic movements of nylon star wheel and conveyor to transfer the bottle.

    b) Overloading protection system is equipped.

    Bottle – out Conveyor

    a) The transmission motor uses frequency inverter to ensure the synchronization with 3 in 1 filling machine, prevent bottle falling efficiently.

    Machine Frame

    a) The frame of the machine is made of superior mild steel, with rustproof coating treatment on the surface of the machine. Stainless steel (ANSI304) is covered on the frame.

    b) Stainless steel table with anti – pull technology is exclusively used, together with “O” type sealing ring. Leaking of bearing pedestal and supporting shaft can be minimized with this construction.

    c) The transmission system is right under the machine frame, drove by a main motor and transmitted by gear.

    d)    Transmission gear arrangement is crossed with steel gear and nylon gear.

    Machine Model CGF8-8-3 CGF14-12-5 CGF18-18-6 CGF24-24-8 CGF32-32-10 CGF40-40-12
    Washing heads 8 16 18 24 32 40
    Filling heads 8 12 18 24 32 40
    Capping heads 3 6 6 8 10 12
    Production capacity(500ml) 3000BPH 4000BPH 8000BPH 10000BPH 12000BPH 18000BPH
    Suitable bottle PET bottles  with different volume and shapes
    Suitable bottle diameter(mm) Φ50-110
    Suitable bottle height 160-315mm
    Compressed air pressure 0.3-0.7MPa
    Washing water pressure 0.06MPa≤washing pressure≤0.2MPa
    Motor power:(kw) 2.2 2.3 2.3 4.6 6.1 7.6
    Dimensions:(mm) 2200*1550*2400 2400*1640*2500 2600*1910*2550 3100*2280*2800 3810*2800*2950 4600*2800*2950
    Weight (KG) 2200 2500 3500 4500 5600 8500

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