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Ultra Clean Filling Machine Price Bottle Filler Juice Bottling Machine For Sale

  1. Model: XXGF60-60-40-15 bottle sterilization washing filling capping 4 in 1
  2. Production capacity: 24000BPH(500ml)
  3. Main material: Parts contact with water are made by SUS304
  4. Mitsubishi PLC or equivalent brand
  5. HMI: Pro-face

Details About Ultra Clean Filling Machine Price Bottle Filler Juice Bottling Machine For Sale

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    FESTA XXGF60-60-40-15 water bottling filler machine uses the air conveyor to feed the bottle, and the bottle mouth holding technology is used in the whole process

    The whole machine consists of the following parts.

    Frame and window.

    Main transmission assembly.

    Filling assembly.

    Bottle transmission system.

    Gas path system.

    Electric system.

    Bottle capping assembly.

    Bottle washing assembly.

    Disinfectant bottle washing assembly.

    Centralized lubrication system.

    The bottles are transmitted through the air conveyor and through the feeding star wheel to the first disinfectant bottle washing machine. The bottle washing machine is equipped with bottle gripper. The bottle gripper holds the bottle mouth and flips 180 ° along the guide rail to make the bottle mouth downward. In the specific area of the bottle washing machine, the bottle washing nozzle ejects water with a certain pressure to wash the inner wall of the bottle. After washing and draining, the bottle is turned 180 ° along the guide rail to make the mouth of the bottle upward.

    The washed bottle is exported by the first disinfectant bottle washing machine through the star wheel and transferred to the second bottle washing machine. After repeating the first bottle washing process, it is transmitted to the water filling machine through the transmission star wheel, and the bottle entering the filling machine is stuck by the lifting device, and under the action of the lifting cam, the bottle rises and contacts and presses and opens the filling valve to start filling, when the liquid level reaches the height of the air back pipe, the filling is stopped automatically, and there is a rotating handle mechanism at the top of the cylinder, which can be switched between filling and pumping to ensure that the filling level is basically consistent. After the filling is finished, the lifting device drops under the action of the press-down cam to make the filled bottle leave the filling valve, and the filling ends. The bottle enters the capping machine through the transition star wheel. The card board and anti-rotate knife on the capping machine hold the bottle, and the nylon plucking wheel protects the bottle and keeps the bottle upright.

    The cover is arranged by the upper cover device and enters the capping machine through the falling cover guide rail, and the capping head realizes the whole sealing process under the action of the cam.

    The bottled water after filling and sealing is transferred from the capping machine to the solid bottle conveying chain through the bottle star wheel, and the four-in-one filling machine is transmitted by the solid bottle conveying chain.

    The bottle mouth clamping method is adopted in the whole process to avoid the secondary pollution in the production process of bottled water.


    Safety device.

    Operators should be familiar with all safety devices and how to use them to avoid personal injury and machine damage.

    A quick stop switch is arranged on the machine.

    Bottle Water Machine Parameter

    Model XXGF60-60-40-15
    Working station Disinfectant wshing 60

    Clean water washing 60

    Filling 40


    Production capacity 24000BPH(500ml)
    Bottle size Diameter 45~90mm
    Height 150~300mm
    Air pressure 0.8MPa
    Air consumption 0.3 m3/min
    Disinfectant washing pressure 0.2~0.25MPa
    Disinfectant consumption Recycle use
    Washing presure 0.2~0.25MPa
    Washing water consumption 2500kg per hour
    Main power 11kw
    Dimension 7660X3400X3350
    Weight 15000kg

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